workers compensation

Your Responsibilities to Employees Injured at Work

Despite your best efforts to prevent them, workplace injuries can occur to your staff. Therefore, it’s important as a business owner or manager to invest in a strong Workers’ Compensation insurance plan to protect your company and employees if the worst happens. Your Workers’ Compensation requirements will differ depending on state laws, so check with your insurance company to be fully compliant.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

This type of insurance can cover all sorts of incidents, such as:

• Job-related injuries, even if they do not happen at the workplace

• Stress-related injuries to muscles or the digestion

• Gradual onset injuries related to work performed, like heart or lung diseases

Not all work-related injuries will be covered, though. Often, incidents related to criminal activity or violations of company policy are excluded. If an injury is self-inflicted, happened during a fight or when an employee was clocked out of work, then it will likely not be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover All Staff Members?

No, sometimes there are exclusions based on the type of work performed by employees. Make sure you and your insurance broker understand your state’s laws regarding your obligations to your staff.

An injury to one of your employees can be tragic and frustrating, but staying up-to-date and cooperative with Workers’ Compensation responsibilities can foster a smooth recovery process.