Liability Coverage

No matter what line of work you might be in, it is important to make sure that your insurance coverage reflects the specific risks of your industry. For police officers, there is a common assumption that local policies provided through the city or county cover all fronts. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When a police officer is negligent or violates the civil rights of a citizen, it creates a complicated and expensive legal situation. By taking out additional coverage, you stand to protect yourself fully intense scenarios.

Handle Expensive Court Fees

As reported by experts of the industry, police liability coverage aims to help with the financial burden associated with legal entanglements. Recent years have shed a light on how many officers have committed errors while on the job. For citizens to see justice, time in court must be spent. Since a standard insurance policy for an officer is not going to cover the full courtroom costs, additional liability can be a lifesaver. Other advantages to this type of insurance option for police officers include:

  • Protection against liability charges
  • Education on new court rulings
  • Access to experienced professionals for insight

Protect Yourself From Financial Risk

While every job comes with its own financial risks, there are additional steps to take when your career involves serving and protecting citizens. Take time to look into your options with additional liability coverage for police officers to determine if you are covered in the way you need to be.