Fake LinkedIn Profiles

For business owners looking to build their network and recruit new employees, few resources are as useful as LinkedIn. The social media platform helps connect businesses across the globe with other professionals far more effectively than other platforms.

Though most users on the platform are honest and use their profiles to showcase their professional experience, others are more duplicitous. They create fake LinkedIn profiles that make it more difficult to connect with the people you want to.

What Drives These Fake Profiles?

Ultimately, people create fake profiles for different reasons, but it almost always comes down to mining information. Fake profiles allow users to gather email addresses, sell services, promote scams and steal personal data from other users. The more information they can get, the more spam the people behind those fake accounts can generate.

According to the team at World Wide Specialty Programs, these fake profiles are incredibly difficult to spot, making it tough for users to identify scam artists quickly. Worse, the safeguards that LinkedIn itself employs to cut down on those fake profiles are almost non-existent.

What You Can Do

You don’t have to connect with everyone who sends you a request. Instead, only accept connections from people you know and companies you’re familiar with. This way, you’ll grow your network without having to deal with fake profiles cluttering up your feed.