State-mandated worker’s compensation programs in the United States cover employees at businesses operating in the state, but they stop at that state’s borders. This means that businesses operating offshore in U.S. waters or international waters need a different kind of injury protection for employees while they are at those sites. This is where maritime workers comp is designed to fill a gap in your insurance needs, providing an alternative to the state-based programs with familiar options you can count on.

Details About the Coverage

The Jones Act makes employment injury protection for seamen different from those who work in other roles such as offshore drilling platforms. This distinction in federal law disqualifies them from worker’s compensation coverage and instead prescribes other alternatives, including other insurance options employers can use to provide protection. Worker’s compensation programs aimed at maritime businesses protect the other employees who work on the waterfront or out at sea but do not meet the legal definitions of a seaman under federal statutes.

Finding Affordable Quotes

The best place to go for quotes with competitive pricing is a dedicated maritime workers comp program from an insurer whose offerings are targeted to the maritime business community generally. That way, you know you are working with experienced professionals who have the resources they need to fully understand your business.