What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

With spring comes the rise of extreme weather such as tornadoes and flooding. Hurricane season starts June 1st, but storms can appear earlier depending on the year. Natural disasters can cause a financial toll on those not insured. The big question is does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage?

Natural Disasters

A typical homeowners insurance policy covers some natural disasters particularly damage caused by smoke or fire. Certain weather-related damages are covered such as wind damage, roof damage caused by ice or snow and hail damage. However, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods are typically not covered in a homeowners insurance policy.

Common Perils

Vandalism and theft are covered events if someone does break into your home or purposefully damage the exterior. Explosions caused from gas pipes or water from burst pipes are generally covered perils. Damage caused by aircraft, motor vehicles and civil disturbances are also covered events under most policies. Damaged items can extend beyond the house itself to landscaping, outbuildings and fencing. The amount of coverage offered depends on the policy.

The answer to the question does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage is not usually. Ensure you are protected this hurricane season with flood insurance offered by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Hurricane insurance may be a necessity for those whose property extends beyond the NFIP caps.