There are many ways to take cannabis. It can be smoked, vaped, eaten in the form of an edible, added to a bubble bath and applied topically in the form of a liquid oil or salve. Many people prefer salves because of the ease of application. High-quality cannabis salve called pain king salve. If you want to use this salve, choose a salve that is made from 100% organic flower oil like those available at

Most Common Uses for Cannabis Salves

There are several uses for cannabis salves, but the most common uses include:

Localized pain relief
Treat skin irritations
Reduce inflammation
Help ease arthritis symptoms
Treat bacterial skin infections
Minimize symptoms of Psoriasis
King Harvest Salve

For anyone experiencing skin pain, a king salve is a great option. It has been recommended for people experiencing pain from chronic conditions. It has been lauded as an effective tool for pain management and can help heal burns, scrapes, and cuts. People have also used it for treating shingles. Unlike the majority of commercial bug bite remedies, this salve is all-natural. It contains no toxins and is absorbed easily into the skin. It is also used for muscle spasms and sore joints. This salve also comes in different levels of potency so you can choose the one that works best for you.