When you own multiple vehicles at home, it is a given that you consolidate coverage into one policy that names every vehicle and driver to save money. For most people, this is even true when grouping different types of vehicles, like automotives and motorcycles. You can do the same kind of consolidation with your company’s commercial auto insurance easily. All you need to do is find a provider with a strong auto fleet insurance program. You may even be able to afford additional risk management features without spending more money after you consolidate.
Fleet Insurance Basics
When you insure your entire vehicle fleet together, the insurer assesses each vehicle for type and condition, as well as other common factors like additional safety features and its age. Similarly, all your authorized drivers are reviewed and their risks assessed via their safety records. Then, the pooled risk is used to provide one umbrella of coverage for all the vehicles. Typically, there is a total policy limit per coverage term as well as a limit per claim for policies that cover many types of vehicle, but not always. To learn more about your options, including add-ons like national roadside assistance and towing, you need to talk to professionals who make auto fleet insurance their front and center focus.