The idea that a vessel carrying cargo can get in trouble at sea is truly frightening. The most important aspect of that scenario is preserving life, plain and simple. There could be times when ridding the vessel of precious cargo could help to ensure no loss of life, but at what cost?

What Is Jettison in Insurance?

Jettison in insurance is when personnel on a cargo vessel throw cargo overboard in order to maintain the seaworthiness of the vessel. This is done when a situation has reached a critical level, resulting in purposefully engaging in the destruction of property. 

Because the volume and economic value of the cargo are particular to a ship’s manifest, policies vary widely. The cost, for instance, of being protected against dumping 50 cars into the ocean versus losing something smaller and less expensive can vary. 

Jettison in insurance is a classic example of letting the policy allow your mind to focus on critical decisions in the face of untenable situations, such as how to survive in rough ocean waters when the risk of going down is pressing and grave. You shouldn’t be worried about the financial costs that will show up after the emergency is over. Instead, your policy’s handlers will do that for you.