truck cargo insurance coverage

In order to stay afloat and competitive in the trucking business, all matters should be handled professionally. Part of running a reputable business is having the proper insurance coverage for any potential issues that might arise. For those shopping for just the right plan, there are many options to consider. Whether the need is for basic liability or a plan that covers specific needs of the trucking company such as storage, trucking crime or load insurance, it is possible to find a program that is the perfect fit.

How to Get the Right Plan

While every trucking business will likely need the basics, it is important to also consider the unique coverage offered by a specialized trucking insurance plan. In addition to business basics like general liability, workers compensation or property damage, these plans can also cover special services covering:

  • Trucking Pollution
  • Roadside Assistance for Commercial Vehicles
  • Trucking Bonds
  • Motor Truck Cargo and Load Insurance
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Commercial Equipment

Truck Insurance Agents Can Help

Since all plans are not created equal, speaking with a qualified agent can help find the plan that fits a company’s specific needs. An agent can better pair a client with a plan that covers the trucking business’s home base and the areas it serves and can help recommend any add-on services that will provide the most practical coverage.