Fall may be here, but the warm weather over most of the country makes it still prime boating season for many. Before you get out on the water, be sure you are protecting yourself and your passengers. Recreational marine activities have some common risks that can be minimized.

Good Judgment

Like operating any vehicle, avoid drinking and driving. Use good judgment when sailing, boating or fishing. Understand what your limits are and stay within them. Keep an eye on the weather before and during boat use to avoid getting caught in a storm.

Be Prepared

One of the easiest ways to reduce risks is by being prepared before moving away from the dock or pier. Have a checklist handy to ensure the boat has safety gear stocked for every passenger, a first aid kit, tools, and water. Make sure someone knows your plan that is not on the boat in case something goes wrong.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are not an optional safety device, they are essential. Make sure there is a life jacket on board suitable for each passenger from the smallest to the biggest. As referenced on www.merrimacins.com/, injuries and loss can happen due to loss of control.
These tips can help make recreational marine activities safer for you, your passengers and other boaters. Being educated about the risks associated with your vessel can help you stay safe out on the water.