CBD Products: The Two Best Ways to Nurse a Muscle Injury

Almost nothing is more agonizing than overexerting muscles that don’t stretch that way. While the human body was made to jump, twist, twirl and bend, muscle injuries are the real deal and can take years to recover from. To prevent a long healing process, what are some ways you can nurse a muscle injury until you can see a medical professional?

Apply FECO Oil 

FECO, or “full extract cannabis oil” is a highly concentrated salve that penetrates deep into your muscle tissue when applied. The double agents of THC and CBD work together to absorb into your bloodstream and block the pain receptors to your brain, helping you to feel better fast. If you’re still not convinced, check out what the pros at https://kingharvest.org/ have to say on the matter.

Rotate Hot and Cold Compresses

An aching muscle feels amazing under the heat, but too much of your heating pad can cause muscle spasms and make you feel even worse. Set the timer so that you rotate the heating pad and the ice pack: 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

Getting your muscles back on track is no easy task, but it’s worth taking care of a pulled muscle immediately. Not only do you avoid excess pain but you can also prevent the injury from worsening.