The Dangers of Social Engineering

In the recent years of digital communication and data breaches, there has been a rise of risks that stem from something as simple and harmless-looking as an email. Just a basic message in your inbox can lead to damaging financial loss to your business from stolen data and corrupted systems.

These types of cyber risks are known as social engineering, as they manipulate the trust through online communication. In the case of someone clicking the wrong link or downloading a bad file, cyber risk insurance in Indiana can add that extra layer of protection to keep your business safe.

Methods of Cyber Damage

Whichever way a cyber criminal using social engineering, there are multiple ways they can cause harm to your business.

Phishing scams: Appearing as a trustworthy company, cyber criminals can pretend to be working with your business or looking to be a partner. They’ll often ask for sensitive information.

A Dangerous Link or Download: Making the message seem enticing and interesting can lead to clicking on something that leads to the installation of a virus.

False promises: Whether it’s money, a prize or a digital download, scammers can claim to be giving out something for free to prey on a victim’s excitement for what they want.

If an employee falls for one of these schemes, cyber risk insurance in Indiana can make sure you don’t suffer financial loss from the scam.