cargo insurance quote online

Truck companies have many liabilities, but fortunately, there are insurance policies to manage risk. You should carry some basic insurance policies, like general liability and truck liability, but your insurance portfolio can provide peace of mind against many other risks. When you’re obtaining a cargo insurance quote online, ask about these specialty insurance polities that protect your business.

  • Physical damage truck insurance – almost like a comp and collision policy for your automobile, this policy protects your investment in your truck and trailer. It’s better to purchase a comprehensive policy than specified perils to prevent your claim from being denied.
  • Crime insurance policy – many cargo policies cover theft, but not employee theft. This type of policy can cover the gap.
  • Truckers pollution coverage – this policy covers you in the event that pollutants escape from the truck. If you’re in an accident and spill diesel, the cleanup costs could be prohibitive. Trucks that carry hazardous materials should consider this policy.
  • Non-owned trailer coverage – if you don’t own the trailer that is attached to the truck, it may not be covered by your insurance. You should know the exclusions of your policy when using equipment not owned by your company.

Trucking insurance can be tailored to fit your business needs. Work with your agent to manage your risks and liabilities. Get a cargo insurance quote online to protect your financial future.