drip marketing

Catching the attention of your prospects as well as maintaining contact with current clients is critical to gaining a competitive edge. A variety of automated business practices can help you stay front of mind without being intrusive. One of the most underutilized techniques is drip marketing. It’s salable, increases brand awareness and helps you become more efficient in your marketing efforts

What is Marketing?

Also known as automated email campaigns, drip marketing and lifecycle emails, it is communication that is set up on a schedule. Timing is everything. When correspondence is sent at the right time, it can result in increased sales and return customers. Drip emails are a series of articles sent to qualified leads and tied together by a single theme. As the emails are used during a specific timeframe, and each has its own message they don’t interrupt your audience with too many details.

What Are the Benefits?

This type of communication is designed to nurture prospects. The emails can be designed to accomplish different goals, with messages tailored to particular audiences who have shown they’re interested in a given topic. Benefits include:

  • Higher Open Rates
  • Increased Conversions
  • More Sales

Using insurance drip marketing can assist you and your employees to communicate with prospects on a consistent basis, which can lower stress levels. This strategy helps standardize and streamline the entire sales process, shortening the sales cycle.