truck cargo insurance coverage

Transporting goods across the city, state and country comes with plenty of responsibilities for truckers. Products are expected to arrive in perfect condition under unpredictable weather and traffic conditions and must arrive in a timely manner. When one also considers the storage needs of some cargo, the logistics of transporting goods unharmed and at least thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise at stake, truck cargo insurance coverage is one of the most important protections that these types of businesses can have.

Incidents That Should Be Included in Coverage

By following safety protocol and company procedures, it is expected that freight should arrive without incident. However, in this type of business, mishaps can still happen and when they do they can be devastating and costly to a business if there is no coverage is in place. Some of these incidents include:

  • Deviating from contract terms between transporter and shipper
  • Not correctly accommodating freight
  • Damage to goods in storage or warehouse

There are many factors that can affect coverage including type and amount of freight being transported, starting and ending points of the trip as well as the client’s role in the process whether it be business owner, warehouseman or transporter. Contacting an agency that specializes in truck cargo insurance coverage is the first step in learning about coverage options.