Insurance for manufactured homes

Insurance for manufactured homes, including modular and mobile units, focuses primarily on underserved manufactured homes 10 to 20 years old. Several key factors distinguish this coverage, including protection from perils common to manufactured homes and offering customers an insurance policy as opposed to a maintenance policy. Other factors include:

  • Up to eight rental units per policy
  • Animal injury liability for all dog breed
  • Value up to $25,000 TIV (total insurable value)
  • Owner, tenant, rental or season occupancies
  • Located in a park or on privately owned land
  • All ages of homes acceptable, with focus on 10 to 20 years old

Insurance for manufactured homes often has a rating system designed to provide agents access to quick quotes and policy issuance turnarounds. This allows superior claims handling supported by a team of professionals to facilitate and expedite the process in the event of a loss.

Security to Support Your Insureds

Insurance for manufactured homes policies allows specialists to provide professional service, regardless of the size or type of loss, in addition to high-quality day-to-day claims handling service.

Most plans have a portable catastrophe claims team standing by to respond immediately to events, in some instances even before the situation is over. These specialized partners utilize authorized appraisers and adjusters with the authority to settle claims in the fastest, most efficient way possible, and issue payments on the scene.