If you own a fabricare business, you expect to provide fast and effective service when it comes to your customers’ clothing. Garments should be returned clean, pressed and ready to be worn again. However, it’s always a smart idea to have an insurance plan in place, just in case these expectations aren’t met.

How Things Can Go Wrong

Because clothing is fragile, it’s all too easy to make mistakes that result in permanent damage. Even the most careful employees can accidentally ruin garments, leaving them in unacceptable condition:

  • Torn
  • Stained
  • Stretched or shrunken
  • Burned
  • Missing

Even outside of employee error, damage can occur during natural disasters or as a result of equipment malfunction. With so many opportunities for damage in your fabricare facility, you can’t afford to go without protection.

How Bailee Coverage Makes It Right

If a customer experiences significant damage to their clothing while under you care, regardless of the reason, they will look to you to reimburse them. Even one unhappy customer can lead to a costly lawsuit that you may not be prepared for.

A good bailee insurance plan will protect you against a multitude of scenarios, including fire, theft, accidental damage, and water damage. This only scratches the surface of what a good policy can do for your business.

Stay Protected

Smooth operation of any business requires preparation when things don’t go as planned. A comprehensive bailee insurance plan can keep your fabricare business safe and secure.