Protect Your Employees and Business With This Insurance Policy

There’s rarely a more troubling time for an employee than when he is hurt on the job. Many of today’s workers, especially hourly employees, rely on working every day to make ends meet. If they are injured, one of their first questions, if they don’t already know, will be “What is workers compensation insurance?”

Workers compensation insurance covers an employee’s medical bills and wages if they are injured as a result of negligence or during regular, expected work. For example, an employee who is expected to lift heavy product might pull a back muscle or twist an ankle. Workers comp will cover the time she is out, as well as any healthcare needs.

What If You Don’t Have Workers’ Comp?

As a small business that does not rely on employees partaking in strenuous physical activity, you may be tempted to forgo workers compensation coverage. That could be disastrous.

For one, most states require businesses to carry workers comp. You may be subject to a fine if you neglect to carry a policy.

If you don’t have workers comp and an employee injures himself, he may sue the company. That lawsuit could ruin a company financially.

Make sure you are able to answer the question “What is workers compensation insurance?” Protect your employees and business with the right coverage.