Packaged Commercial Policies

Business owners rely on insurance coverage to address financial concerns in the event of liability claims leveled against their company by consumers or even employees. For many companies, the exposures and risks of operations are varied and require more than a general liability policy. Companies need to retain policies by agents licensed in their state, and Indiana BOP insurance can address both the coverage and location needs for many businesses.

What is BOP?

Although companies may carry a general liability policy for their business, the limits and restrictions may not address concerns resulting from incidents involving property. Most often, these exposures will be covered through a separate property insurance policy. While covering buildings, personal property, contents and signage, a property policy usually included business interruption coverage. This offers ongoing expenses compensation whenever your operations are limited or shut-down due to maintenance or construction.

A BOP policy is a packaged insurance policy that generally includes the following:

  • Property insurance for the building, company contents and personal property of others housed on the property
  • Business interruption insurance covering loss of income in the event of a fire, catastrophe or repairs which affect production

Liability protection addressing the company’s legal responsibility any harm that may come to others or property through operations, employee actions and inactions and defective products.

A specialized Indiana BOP insurance policy will address the specific concerns associated with operating within the state.