nursing liability insurance

As a medical professional, your tasks and duties may bring liability concerns from clients or consumers. Professional liability insurance will protect you from allegations of malpractice. Although your employer may have coverage protecting their interests and operations, you may need to acquire a personal policy in the event of a direct allegation. Such is the case with nursing liability insurance.

Who Needs It?

Nurses or nurse practitioners are prime candidates for acquiring private liability insurance. It is relatively affordable, but it provides coverage where your employer’s malpractice policy may have a gap. These gaps could damage your career, in the event of a lawsuit. The following areas might be problematic without a personal policy:

  • Claims or lawsuits filed after termination from your position or employer
  • Policy limits may dictate which employees receive the benefit of the coverage
  • Lost wages may not be reimbursed
  • Fees for legal hearings and licensing board appearances may not be reimbursed
  • Coverage generally doesn’t include services rendered when working as a
  • volunteer or self-employed

The risks associated with the medical profession also warrant the additional coverage of nursing liability insurance. In addition to lost wages, you may find you need legal counsel and services if a malpractice lawsuit or claim goes to trial. Your policy will assist with these financial obligations, keeping your career intact.