Maintain Complete Accuracy With a Rating Engine

Insurance providers are tasked with calculating each insured’s risk and assigning a premium for that risk. Since each applicant presents a unique number of factors, balancing risk against profit, calculating rates and quoting policies can easily consume an insurance provider’s time. Managing general agencies (MGAs) and individual providers can benefit from a streamlined approach to these processes. A well-designed rating insurance engine will increase your productivity, and more importantly, improve your overall accuracy.

Reduce the Cost of Avoidable Mistakes

In insurance, a simple mistake can easily become a very costly error. Quoting and underwriting policies require that you work with complete confidence and uncompromised information. Relying on notes or information spread throughout several different systems can make it all too easy to record data incorrectly. The easiest way to maintain accuracy is to establish a database that houses all of the information you need most commonly throughout the day. A rating insurance engine system provides this resource for you and eliminates the most common opportunities for human error.

Shop for the Right Rating Engine

You can revolutionize your insurance practice by investing in a rating engine that fits your needs. When you are shopping, you should look for a system that has the following features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Range of functionality
  • Customizable options
  • Compatibility with your current computer and software