Classic cars

Owning a vintage car does not mean much without the right classic cars insurance in Stafford VA policy. You have invested a great deal of time and money into restoring your dream car, but have you invested any money into insuring it? Even if you do not plan to drive this vehicle out on the road, or only plan to display it in exhibits and parades, accidents do happen. If an unfortunate event occurs where you or someone else is injured, or your vehicle is damaged, you want to be able to recover from any loss that you suffer. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a vintage car policy.


Full-Insured Amount


If your vehicle is damaged beyond repair and is deemed a total loss, a good classic cars insurance in Stafford VA policy will reimburse you the full-insured amount of your vintage car. Unlike traditional auto insurance, classic vehicle insurance allows you and the insurer to agree upon the value of your vehicle before you purchase a policy. That way, you can recover from your loss by having enough money to purchase a replacement vintage model car.


Choice of Repair Facility


Vintage vehicles require specialized repairs by technicians who are trained and certified to work on vintage vehicles. A good vintage car insurance policy gives you have the freedom to choose which repair shop to take your vehicle too. This will enable you to get your “pride and joy” the care it needs, from a shop that you can trust.


Invest in your special vehicle, and keep it safe and insured against the unexpected. Purchase a good classic cars insurance in Stafford VA policy to give yourself some peace of mind.


photo credit: Stuck in Customs cc