food and beverage insurance

Whatever food or beverage you wish to share with others, there can be many risks involved. As you are serving edibles out to third parties and possibly also giving them a place to eat at, there can be various accidents that can happen that could harm a customer. Furthermore, the amount of equipment involved in food or beverage production means that employees can be injured or property can be damaged. This is why a specialized food and beverage insurance policy is a vital part of protecting your business.

Spoiled Food

One risk to serving food and beverage is that a broken fridge, improper handling or general neglect from an employee may cause some food to go bad. If the food gets out to a customer, they can become ill and take legal action. There may also be similar problems with contamination and tampering that is out of your control. Food and beverage insurance can cover the legal fees in these cases.

Equipment Mishandling and Breakdowns

Many food and beverage productions are done at least partly by machine. These large, complex machines may be used improperly by an employee or may break down from time or misuse. In these cases, the equipment could be damaged and in need or repair or replacement. This may also lead to an employee being harmed, requiring the payment of medical and/or legal fees.

These are just a couple of examples within the industry that may require specialized food and beverage insurance. Its important to consider getting more than just general liability for your business.