medical staffing

Medical staffing agencies are unique in their liabilities and needs. You’ve got to cover your employees wherever they go, and the legal responsibility for their well-being on the job falls to you, but you share some responsibility for the outcome of their work with the companies that subcontract them. When you add in the way your diverse contacts create a wide range of workplaces your staff enters in a variety of locations, and it’s easy to see how your needs differ from both other staffing agencies and other medical businesses. Providers like work with each client in the field to determine the range of coverage options they need.

Bundle Your Insurance Needs Into One Package

Depending on your staffing agency’s marketplace focus, you might need any or all of these policies, and the right contact will help you find the most cost effective path to having them all, without making it complicated.

  • Cyber liability
  • Commercial auto or hired auto
  • Workers compensation
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Medical suite insurance

When you have the help you need to simplify your insurance coverage, it’s also easier to make the changes you need as your company grows and matures. The best part? The longer you work with the same people, the more they will understand your business, making communication easier and easier.