coin laundry association insurance

As the owner of a coin-operated laundry business, you should be eligible for coverage provided by your local coin laundry association insurance specialists. These organizations provide self-service laundry owners with quality property, liability and workers’ compensation coverage.

Whether you’re new to the laundry business, or a have been a store owner for quite some time, insurance coverage to protect your investment is essential for any and all businesses. You’re going to need comprehensive property and liability insurance tailored to the specific needs of your facility. You’ll also be provided coverage from a national, A-rated carrier since you’ll want to furnish your laundromat company with superior service.

Other policies that can strengthen your protection

You have a lot of valuable equipment and items that need to be covered for any number of risks. This includes washers and dryers, bill/coin changers, debit card readers, vending machines, laundry carts, security systems, products and supplies, storefront glass, flooring and outdoor signage, and perhaps much more.

An additional policy that covers business interruption or loss of income is essential for many companies like yours and will cover expenses related to any loss of revenue, plus other expenses such as mortgage payments or rent, equipment loans, ongoing expenses for any work stoppages, key employees, utilities and more.

Premises liability provides for injury and/or damages sustained by customers, which includes conditions that exist in and around your premises. Bailee coverage for items left in your care for dry cleaning or laundry purposes, and tenant legal liability for issues that affect your landlord or the owner of your building and other occupants or tenants.

In the event that your laundromat floods overnight due to a water hose break, and will require a major cleanup and repairs, you’re going to need insurance to avoid any out-of-pocket expense.

It takes time to establish a business, and once you’ve managed to do so you’ll need to do everything in your power to keep workers and customers satisfied and happy to return day in and day out. You’ve worked hard for what you have and navigating through the coin laundry association insurance process can sometimes be a little bit difficult without help from a knowledgeable agent. Don’t hesitate. Inquire about available rates today.