As an independent contractor, you are in business for yourself and manage your own liabilities. Although you may be hired by a company for a certain job and have responsibilities to the contract, you will need to protect your own interests. This can be done by carrying insurance for your services and assets. If you are taking your own vehicle to and from a job site, you may want to consider an independent contractor auto insurance policy.

No One Else Maybe Covering You

The team at Daniels recommends that companies employing contractors require individual insurance plans so as to not open up liabilities for the hiring company. Keeping this in mind, here are some reasons why you would want quality insurance coverage.
It can help you secure contracts with new clients.
Accidents that result in injury or damage can be potential legal problems for your business.
Your personal property might be damaged or stolen when working on a job site.
You can protect both you and your hiring partner if you get into an automobile accident while working for them.
You may have additional employees that would need workers compensation coverage.
Insurance coverage for the independent contractor isn’t a single plan that can cover each of these reasons. However, by having a general liability plan and adding additional coverage elements to it, you can be sure your investment and reputation are protected from financial loss.