VIS Volunteers

If you run a volunteer organization or non-profit, you’ve got some unique insurance considerations when compared to businesses. Are you covering your volunteer force, protecting them and yourself when they are operating as part of your organization? Do you have the right liability insurance for your paid staff? What about your directors and officers? As pointed out by VIS Volunteers in a primer on the subject, you should invest in dedicated protection for your current and future directors, in addition to the coverage you have for your staff and volunteers.

Finding the Policy for Your Non-Profit

D&O insurance for non-profits often dedicates coverage up to a certain amount to just the directors, with an additional policy maximum that applies generally to directors as well as other officers. This is just one of the many unique needs non-profits present to insurers, and one more reason to work with a company that makes coverage for non-profits and NGOs a priority. You’ll also find a more nimble policy quote when you work with companies that have the expertise because your agents will have a deeper background of prior knowledge to draw from when predicting your needs. They can also write policies that save you money, so you don’t have to worry about over or under-insuring.