HILB Group

One way to avoid a warehouse shelving collapse is to safely organize the shelving. Warehouses store a variety of items with different sizes and weights. Properly organizing these items on the shelves can prevent disasters.

Storage Units

Warehouses rely on the storage of items making shelving a necessity. Shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different load-bearing weights. Consider adding stackable bins for the shelves to store smaller items and place heavier items closer to the ground. The experts at HILB Group state the beam weight capacities should also be checked beyond how the items are stacked.

Label Clearly

Clear labels make it easier and more efficient for employees to find goods. These labels should include all relevant data including item weight, name and any safety hazards. Labels should communicate to the employee everything they need to know at a glance. Consider adding some safety signs throughout the warehouse for increased communication.

Floor Plan

Look for ways to maximize the space of the warehouse by evaluating the floor plan. Is everything in a logical place? Does the shelving arrangement allow for easy access to the items while also creating an efficient workflow?

Help avoid a warehouse shelving collapse by implementing these organizational strategies in your business. These are only a few of the many tips that can create a safe warehouse.