dental malpractice insurance

You have worked hard to hone your skills, start your clinic and help your local clients with their dental conditions and matters. However, there are times where malpractice claims, both valid and fraudulent ones, can threaten the clinic and your career. No matter the incident, dental malpractice insurance will protect your business in several ways.

Preparation for Any Situation

Throughout your dental care career, there are a variety of situations that cause a client to make a malpractice claim. Even though you are a talented and careful practitioner, it never hurts to prepare for any type of scenario. Dental malpractice insurance accounts for the following events, and more:

  • Lack of basic quality in procedures
  • Negligence to obtain patient or parental consent
  • The injury started by misuse of dental tools and equipment
  • Complications caused by anesthesia or drugs

Extensive Fee Coverage

Legal claims are often complicated processes that involve substantial expenses made by both parties. These costs can potentially take a toll on the well-being of your dental clinic. In case of a malpractice claim, the dental malpractice insurance policy should cover some of the following fees:

  • Legal and court costs
  • Attorney expenses
  • Settlements and judgments
  • Requested court consultations
  • Other unexpected expenses

Malpractice claims, whether they are legitimate or not, are likely to occur at unexpected times. Employ the correct insurance plan to keep your practice safe.