Tattoo Shop

Tattoo shops’ activities put them at risk for a wide variety of claims. In order to effectively safeguard their operations, it’s important that they build a commercial insurance package that addresses every form of risk.

Professional Liability

Tattoo shops offer a specialized service that leaves a permanent result. When customers are not happy with the quality of a tattoo, they may feel as though they have been the victim of negligence or professional wrongdoing. Tattoo shop liability coverage’s must include protection for these kinds of claim scenarios.

Premises Liability

If a customer in a tattoo shop has an accident such as a slip and fall, the shop’s owner could face a significant claim for damages. Premises liability coverage can help cover the legal costs or damages award for this type of claim.

Property Insurance

A tattoo shop needs protection for its personal property such as equipment and fixtures as well as the physical property itself including flooring and windows. A commercial insurance package will cover damage to a property and its contents resulting from events such as vandalism.

When a tattoo shop is getting insurance coverage, it should work with an insurance provider who is experienced in serving clients in its industry. An experienced provider can offer helpful insight on coverage applications and exceptions.