Four Coverages to Get Started With Construction Insurance

Are you looking for a Newton construction insurance agency? As you begin your search, here are four types of coverages you should expect to be included in your new policy.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance protects your business in case of an explosion, fire, hail, wind or other disaster strikes the construction site. In an industry that carries more natural risk than most, builder’s risk coverage is a must.

Contractor’s Pollution Insurance

Just as the name implies, it protects your business in case pollution from your project causes injury to a third party or damages their property. You can also use the funds to make purchases that help limit pollution from your project.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This part of your policy provides coverage for your company in case a third party is hurt, or their property is damaged due to your business’ activities. Any legal or medical fees resulting from such incidents will be covered.

Professional Liability Insurance

General liability does not provide any coverage for the designs. So, if you’re a builder-designer, you will need professional liability coverage in case any lawsuits that come up are tied back to your designs.

Having the right amount of insurance is vital to the success of your business. Be sure to work with your Newton construction insurance agency to customize your policy to fit your needs.