Brynes Agency Insurance

Take on the great outdoors, move freely on your deer lease or compete in an ATV competition. Whatever the reason you ride an all-terrain vehicle, you need ATV insurance to protect your investment. Here are some maintenance tips to keep the vehicle in top shape.


The insurance company Brynes Agency Insurance states collision insurance covers the vehicle hitting an object such as a rock or tree on the trail. When you inspect your vehicle prior to hitting the trail, you have a better idea of what damage actually occurred. Regular inspections can help you spot problems before they leave you stranded.


While it may seem unnecessary to wash your ATV regularly, it can actually help extend its life. All of that debris, mud and dust trap moisture on the paint which can lead to rust. Mud may be seen as a badge of honor in some circles, but you may regret leaving it there for extended periods of time.


Similar to the car you drive to work every day, your ATV uses an engine, sits on tires and requires a battery. Make sure you follow the maintenance schedule for your ATV. Check the tire pressure before heading out especially if there is a temperature change.

These three tips can keep your ATV running all year long. ATV insurance is there when something happens out on the trail.