Princeton Home Insurance

The things that make a home unique are those things cherished by the people who live there. Some objects have sentimental value only, while others carry both emotional weight and significant monetary value as well. A Princeton home insurance policy may extend to protect the precious jewelry, fine art and one-of-a-kind collections that tell the story of your life.

Special Jewelry

An heirloom cameo passed down through generations, a diamond pendant received to commemorate a milestone and that designer piece brought back from Milan are not only special to you, but valuable as well. Adding a jewelry floater to an existing policy ensures that you are covered in the event of theft or loss due to catastrophe.

Fine Art

An extension to a policy to protect your fine art investments provides for the cost of repair or restoration should something be damaged in a fir or storm. It can compensate for loss if objects disappear or are stolen. The policy may be designed to include a schedule of items individually designated by their declared or appraised values.

Pairs, Sets and Collections

An addition to a Princeton home insurance policy for special assets may provide coverage for a wine collection, stamp or coin collection, musical instruments, silverware, photography collections, firearms, and other unique items. Discuss your particular needs with and agent and find out how to best protect these investments.



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