As a private investigator, your work takes you into sensitive projects that can lead to high emotions. As a result, the risks of your job go beyond what most businesses face in many areas. At the same time, as a provider of a unique service requiring licensing, you also avoid many kinds of coverage needed by companies that make or sell goods. That’s why you should consider building a comprehensive private investigator liability insurance plan for your business with a provider who has the experience to understand the risks you take.

Complete Liability Protection

The main area of protection needed by most investigators working on their own is professional liability insurance. Along with a general liability policy that is built to suit your facilities, it provides protection against most mistakes and missed judgment calls you could be accused of. Common coverage provisions include:

  • Auto liability for your vehicle while you are on an investigation
  • General liability with individual limits for each included type
  • Professional liability coverage built around your operation
  • Worker’s compensation as needed for employees

Those are not the only types of coverage you might need, though. Additional coverage for investigators often includes:

  • Invasion of privacy protection
  • Assault and battery insurance
  • Fidelity bonds for employees

For more information about private investigator liability insurance coverage and costs, you need to request a quote from a provider. That way, you’ll be able to get an idea of the cost for coverage that suits your volume of business.