home insurance CT

The sprawling landscapes and gorgeous seasons of Connecticut make it the perfect place to buy a home. After settling in, you may think that you are ready relax into your Connecticut dream house. However, there is still insurance coverage to take care of. If this is your first home or are looking to better your protection, you might be confused on what policies of home insurance CT residents should consider. Here are is a list of some options that are highly relevant to homeowners.

Personal Liability

Imagine you are hosting a housewarming party. One of your guests accidently trips on a step and ends up hurting themselves. Next thing you know you find yourself paying for the medical treatments of your guest. Personal liability insurance handles the damages to person and to property.

Personal Property

Many do not know that you can add a personal property line to your home insurance. This policy can cover personal items within your home. This can really come in handy by allowing you to collect the replacement value of the items.


While Connecticut is considered one of the safest states in the country, there can still be people wishing to take advantage of its homeowners. Theft insurance can help you handle the financial damages after this scary event.

Other policies of home insurance CT residents acquire are fire or replacement cost. Working on insurance coverage now can save you plenty in the future.