Lead generation is vital to an insurance broker’s business. Without a steady source of new leads, a broker likely won’t stay in business for long. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help search engines such as Google become that steady source. Here are some of the benefits a strong SEO strategy can provide insurance brokers.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Insurance broker SEO increases the chance that potential new customers will find a broker’s site in an online search. The right strategy can put a website on the first page of results, or even better, in the top three spots of search results.

Enhanced Credibility

Sites that appear at the top of search results are also viewed as more credible than sites that do not. If a potential client clicks through to well-written authoritative content, it can create trust, making customer conversion that much easier.

More Leads

Most brokers know that client referrals can be a primary lead generation source. The visibility and credibility SEO creates can convert referrals into site visits and site visits into new clients.

While SEO can be a robust tool for lead generation, it has to be implemented the right way to see results. An SEO agency specializing in the insurance industry can create and implement a lead-generating SEO strategy for brokers.