worldwide specialty programs

Staffing World 2019 focuses on helping the staffing industry move and shake. The annual conference spends time helping recruiters and staffing industry personnel harness the power of technology, improve techniques and learn. Worldwide specialty programs help you run your staffing firm and cover your liabilities while you are gone. Prep for the event with these tips.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for the event. You have several months before the mid-October event takes place in Las Vegas. Make sure you have a plan for your duties while you attend the event. The staffing firm doesn’t stop working simply because you attend a conference. Take these few months to make sure your staff is ready to go or support those attending.

Time Schedule

To make the most of any conference, review the schedule before attending. Decide what is most important for you to attend then make a want list. If there’s time, attend everything on both lists. A schedule helps you have a successful event regardless of what you miss.

Staffing Network

A conference is a perfect place to extend your network. Connect with other executives, leaders and game-changers while attending events or teachings. These contacts can be a great resource long after the conference ends.

Staffing firms can rely on the expertise of worldwide specialty programs. Get ready for Staffing World 2019.