Antique Classic Car Insurance

Owning a classic car is a dream for many people, but like a lot of costly purchases, classic cars need to be insured to protect them from unforeseen accidents. Antique classic car insurance is different in several significant ways from regular car insurance, so its best to know what you are getting into before you commit to purchasing a policy. These are some common questions and answers about antique classic car insurance.

What Types of Cars Are Covered?

In general, cars need to be a certain age – usually around ten years old – to qualify as classic cars, and about ten years older than that to qualify as antique. Some restrictions on vehicles like kit cars or rebuilt cars that are less than half complete often do not qualify.

What Restrictions Apply?

Most classic car insurance policies restrict the number of miles a vehicle can be driven each year. If you drive your vehicle very little, you may also be eligible for restricted use coverage that costs less.

How Is Car Value Determined?

Car value is determined at the time the insurance policy begins. Coverage is based on an estimated value of the vehicle, as determined by an antique dealer or other person qualified to do appraisals.

Contact an insurance agency to that deals in antique classic car insurance if you have any more questions about policies.



photo credit: 40 Ford Deluxe (license)