3 Things Nursing Home Insurance Should Cover

A nursing home isn’t a traditional business, which means it doesn’t require traditional business insurance. When deciding which company’s nursing home insurance rates best fit your facility’s needs, it helps to know what your insurance should cover.

The Building

Of course, your facility’s insurance plan should cover the building. This insurance should cover the entire structure and all important equipment housed within it. Medical equipment can be quite expensive to replace if the proper coverage isn’t in place. Remember, a basic plan won’t cover some natural disasters. If your facility is located in an area prone to floods, earthquakes or tornados, be sure your plan covers it.

The People

When choosing nursing home insurance rates, look for plans that cover both employees and residents. Not only should you be covered in case of an employee’s wrongdoing, but your employees should be covered in case of injury on the job. In addition, good coverage will also take care of your residents by insuring their personal effects.


If your facility houses people who require transportation to and from medical appointments or to run other errands, you must insure your vehicles and drivers in case of an emergency. In addition, you should be sure your plan includes an option for emergency transportation.

Your specific nursing home insurance rates will depend on what you need to run your facility efficiently. A business insurance expert will be able to assist you in choosing the right plan.