Whether along the coast or on the plains, preparing for bad weather is a necessary part of survival. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and strong storms can be destructive and even fatal when those in their path fail to take action. Although you can’t prevent storms from happening, you can minimize their impact through simple protective measures.
1. Lock Down Your Home
Board up or shutter external-facing doors and windows to prevent them from being lofted and causing damage to nearby structures. Make sure your roof is secured, too, and that you repair or remove loose shingles, tiles, and siding materials.
2. Clean Up Your Home’s Exterior
Bring in any plants, furniture, and decor that cannot be securely tied down. If your gutters are full, clear them of debris so water can flow away from your home and reduce flooding.
3. Cut Back Trees and Shrubbery Near Your Home
Remove dead trees from your property, as heavy rain and winds increase their chances of falling, and make sure all other trees are firmly rooted in the surrounding soil. Trim shrubs and other landscaping features that might obstruct wind and airflow or become uprooted, damaging nearby belongings.
No matter what type of storm you face, being prepared is the best thing you can do to reduce harm to your property and yourself. Taking simple steps toward storm-proofing your home, as well as maintaining proper insurance coverage, helps keep your sanctuary from becoming your nightmare.