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3 Claims Often Used Against Nonprofits

Not-for-profit groups are known for a mission or purpose to help humanity or the world around them. What happens when a noted group isn’t so trustworthy and you are suffering the effects. In these instances, you might be wondering- can you sue a nonprofit? According to the experts at D&G Sayles Insurance, lawsuits against non-profit groups are quite common. For those who are operating a non-profit, this can be scary news. Here are the most common claims or suits filed against non-profit groups.

3 Areas of Liability

  1. Contract and agreement disputes. Often times, these agencies conduct business through email exchanges or verbal agreement, rather than binding legal contracts. When things get fuzzy, both parties are left with questions and potential disagreements that can escalate into a legal matter.
  2. Personal injury lawsuits. These are not the most common claims, but they appear fairly often. Many times can be prevented, but any injury, emotion distress, or situations with damage involving property can be filed under a tort claim.
  3. Employment law claims. Both the most common and the most costly of claims, a company may be facing liability for matters of harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, discrimination, and wage disputes. The employees of a nonprofit have the same protections and rights as those working in the for-profit sector.