Wrap Your Team in a Blanket

Sporting events are about as American as apple pie, but flying balls and bodies can be an insurance nightmare if you aren’t properly protected. Aegis insurers have a program specifically designed for teams and other participants: blanket accident insurance.

What Is It?

Blanket insurance is another layer of protection over standard coverage for everyone involved, from the players and managers to the cheerleaders and mascots. The policy can cover injuries sustained while playing in regular games and practices, as well as during travel to games.

Policies can be tailored to last a single season or an entire year. You can also purchase a special event policy for as little as a day.

What Does It Cover?

There are many ways to be hurt, and coverage needs to specify a wide range of services. Blanket accident insurance can involve expenses such as:

  • X-ray exams
  • Surgical operation
  • Hospital services
  • Ambulance service

What Teams Are Included?

Nearly all types of sporting teams can be covered, from baseball to soccer to wrestling. It can also protect specialty groups such as church, theater, dance and daycares. Unique activities include hayrides and parades.

Accidents are bound to happen when you have a lot of people involved. Aegis insurers can create a policy for the players on your sports team or the participants in your special event. And, it can be custom fit to match the duration of your event.



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