How Workers Compensation Insurance Helps Protect Your Employees

Risk prevention is the best safety measure for the workplace, but sometimes accidents happen. When workers are injured on the job, your workers compensation insurance provides adequate funds to support their health and livelihood.

Provides Medical Care Coverage

Workers that are seriously injured must receive immediate medical care. Though their health insurance plan might cover the costs, you are responsible since the injuries occurred at the workplace. Separate insurance guarantees that your employees get the proper care needed to recover.

Covers Lost Wages and Compensation

While an injured employee is out of work, you must continue to pay wages and other compensation to replace the employee’s personal effects, provide transportation during the recovery period and any legal fees or reimbursements.

Helps Employees Return to Work

Your employee may find it emotionally challenging to return to work, but returning to the company is best for a full recovery. Insurance provides a cash buffer to accommodate any new requirements such as ramps, elevators or assisted chair lifts. If your employee moves to a different department, the extra buffer can be used for subsequent training and wage increases.

Workers compensation insurance protects your employees when they are injured on the job. It also helps them get back on their feet and into the office. Call your provider for specific details about what your plan covers.



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