Workers Comp is Instrumental to Office Suppliers

Business product suppliers in New York State provide office equipment and related business products to an array of different companies. They have everything a business owner may likely need for their home or work office. This includes equipment like printers, copy machines, fax machines, computers and phones, as well as paper, ink, pens and other writing utensils, and desk accessories. Many outlets also carry furniture, like computer desks, filing cabinets and computer chairs.


Workers in this industry have the arduous task of lifting large boxes and heavy equipment, often working on loading docks where the items are constantly being moved on and off of trucks. On a regular shift this could amount to carrying thousands of pounds of equipment on an average day and this can result in strains and other more serious injuries. Many who work this type of job run the risk of lower back pain or injury, herniated disks, and even cuts, bumps and bruises from the constant exertion of lifting and moving heavy equipment.


Workers comp is vital when injuries occur


As part of your Business supply insurance, you’ll need workers’ compensation coverage, as mandated by New York State, that will work to protect the company’s assets and financially assist employees that become injured, disabled, or made ill in the course of their work duties. Insurers familiar with this industry understand that, for many, this coverage is part of the significant cost of doing business.


In the event that one or more employees experience injuries while on the job, you need an agent at the helm to work with you to help keep costs down. This can be accomplished by having regular safety reviews as well as programs designed to educate your employees and minimize their chances of being injured or becoming ill. This program should assess each accident independently, and also evaluate the company’s accident history to help pinpoint problem areas and implement additional loss control measures.


In the event of a claim, and there will be claims filed at one time or another, accidents must be investigated immediately to record the facts and your insurer should work with you and assist in getting your employees back on the job as soon as possible. Let your Business supply insurance help keep your employees happy and your company profitable and productive.




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