Why Keywords Especially Matter for Insurance Websites

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are 6,086 insurance companies in the U.S. as of 2013. This means insurance agencies face stiff competition regardless of whether they provide health, auto, home, or other types of coverage. One of the best ways to stand out from the competitors is to establish a website catered toward a local audience. Furthermore, the website also has to be optimized so that it gets found in the search engines by your target demographic. The way to do this is by creating regular content embedded with longtail keywords.

The Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Marketing Agency

When it comes to SEO for insurance websites, you need keywords that are frequently searched by your target demographic. Unfortunately, these are also the keywords used by countless other insurance websites, which means they will be incredibly competitive to rank for. This is why insurance companies are encouraged to hire a marketing agency that caters specifically to insurance firms. Here is how a marketing group can help your site:

  • Find suitable locally targeted keyword phrases
  • Use an analytics tool to monitor your site performance as well as keep an eye on the SEO performance of competing sites
  • Create quality content for your backlinks
  • Employ only organic SEO practices to prevent your site from getting penalized by search engines

Why Outsourcing Your SEO Campaign is the Best Solution

Keep in mind that SEO requires ongoing work, and your time and resources are better spent on your clients rather than writing article after article. When it comes to SEO for insurance, it is best to consider outsourcing the marketing work to a professional. Let a marketing agency focus on their specialty so you can focus on yours.



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