Why Dogs Bite

There’s an old joke about dog bites that goes something like this:

Child: Does your dog bite?
Owner: Why, no, he’s very friendly. He doesn’t bite.
Child: Then how does he eat?

While it may be a bit of an eye-roller, this witticism does illustrate an important point: biting is part of every dog’s natural behavior. If you have any doubts, check out your best friend’s teeth; his mouth is built for chomping, tearing, and shredding. These features aren’t just meant to keep him fed; they’re also his first method of defense. Any dog, even the most seemingly docile one, can be put in a position where he or she feels that attack is necessary. If you aren’t already covered by dog bite insurance, you should consider getting a dog bite quote to ensure you and your dog are protected if a bite should occur.

Danger Zones

Some of the most common bite-provoking situations can include:

  • Recent birth of puppies, prompting the maternal protective instinct
  • Threats to a dog’s “alpha” status, such as the addition of a new pet or the birth of a child
  • Fear-inducing incidents that trigger dogs’ fight or flight responses
  • Protection of valuables or family members
  • Pain or injury, which heightens the protective instincts

An Ounce of Protection

Because it is impossible to predict where, when, or under what circumstances an otherwise passive pet may feel provoked to bite, it’s best to make sure you’re covered. A dog bite quote will give you information about your options for minimizing your financial risk in the event the unexpected does happen.



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