What Does a General Liability Policy Cover?

Many of today’s businesses have a general liability policy from an insurance company in Orlando. This basic business policy is a great option to minimize your financial risk so you can continue operating in the event of an accident. In general, the policy offers protection against the following situations.

Property Damage and Bodily Injury

Most general liability policies reduce the financial losses you will experience if someone is injured on your business premises or if you experience property damage. With this policy, your business is usually protected in the event of a claim and a lawsuit. To receive this protection, your business must be legally responsible for the injuries or property damage that occurred.

Faulty Products

When you purchase general liability coverage from an insurance company in Orlando, you will usually receive coverage against faulty products. While you can take precautions to minimize product liabilities, there are circumstances that are sometimes difficult to control.

Off-Work Accidents

Sometimes a general liability policy can protect your business from accidents that occur outside of the workplace. This can be very beneficial with construction workers who spend their days at a variety of different locations. When a work-related accident occurs on another location, the right insurance will minimize your financial losses.

To better understand general liability insurance, it is a good idea to speak with an insurance agent. Together you can select the right coverage for your needs.



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