Use Insurance to Prevent Employee Fraud

Having a crime insurance policy is not something that just protects you in the case an employee commits theft. A policy can also serve as a deterrent to bad employee behavior. There are a couple reasons why this is true.

Makes a Statement About You

To begin with, when you get crime insurance, you are showing that employee theft and dishonesty is something you take seriously. It shows you are aware of the potential for it happening. This puts employees on guard because they know that it won’t be so easy to pull one over on you. They are also aware that there is a very good likelihood that you will have systems in place to monitor their activities and watch specifically for any theft or fraudulent situations.

Insurance Companies Investigate

Another reason why insurance serves as a deterrent is that employees will know that the insurance company will investigate. The idea of having professional investigators on their path can be very scary. Most employees who may have even thought of committing theft will no longer be tempted because the chances of getting caught are very high.

When you get a crime insurance policy, you are taking a step towards preventing employee theft. It serves as a great deterrent because it shows that you won’t tolerate theft and that should a theft occur, you will get to the bottom of it.



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