Unpredictability of Dogs Makes Insurance a Smart Buy

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. On the one hand, because it’s possible for even the calmest canine to react aggressively under certain circumstances, you’ll want to get a Florida dog bite quote to determine how much protection is appropriate to have for any associated liability. On the other hand, ensuring your pet’s health can be very costly, especially if your pooch is the curious type. For example, consider these recent case files from a Miami vet’s office:

The Case of the Tasty Tennis Ball

Jennifer’s German shepherd Harry loved to fetch tennis balls. Unfortunately, Harry decided the balls were just as good for eating as they were for chasing. He was rushed to the hospital after it was discovered he had ingested a tennis ball. Harry is okay, but Jennifer’s pocketbook isn’t–the emergency surgery cost almost $2,000.

The Case of the Car Chaser

Brian’s beloved golden retriever is a 5-year-old beauty named—well, Beauty. Despite being otherwise well trained, the dog has a bad habit of escaping through the front door and chasing cars down the street. Beauty got out last week and took off after a slow-moving scooter and got hit by another car. Setting Beauty’s broken leg and follow-up care amounted to more than $1,000.

The Case of the Crafty Cocker Spaniel

Krista’s cocker spaniel George isn’t a fussy eater—no matter the brand of dog food, he’ll gobble it up in a second. Unfortunately, George also gobbled up a sewing needle from a mending kit that Krista had left on the bed near a bag containing a burger and fries (he gobbled those up as well). This accidental ingestion required immediate surgery to prevent a dangerous internal perforation, and the bill amounted to nearly $1,000.

Fortunately, it’s possible to obtain insurance not only for basic and emergency veterinary care, but for the substantial liability that you’re exposed to in the event of an aggressive act by your dog. Contact a professional insurance agent to get a Florida dog bite quote to protect you, and information about other types of coverage to protect your dog.



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