Transportation Issues and CCRC Commercial Insurance

Socializing is a big concern for many residents and their families. They want to know their loved ones are able to interact with others, build friendships, and perhaps even find romance late in life. While talking on the phone and communicating via the computer can help, they need to have a human connection as well, which lessens their risk for depression and other mental health problems.

But they may have a difficult time getting out, perhaps due to trouble driving or increased mobility issues, or the neighborhood may not be one that is easy to get around. An independent living facility can provide structured activities, such as a recreation center, clubhouse, or sponsored field trips. But transporting residents would require some type of

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) business auto coverage to protect the center from any unforeseen event.

Homes providing transportation are more desirable

For many retirement community owners, transportation is a key issue. You may have residents who are still very active and enjoy attending social activities, and shopping. Or they may want to attend religious services or have physician appointments. Now that they are in your care, you are responsible for providing transportation to and from the many off-site facilities your residents may want, or be required, to visit.

Independent living usually offers opportunities to socialize on-site with peers and may also offer some transportation options to outside activities. You must understand that your residents are now relying on you to get around. It may be much more difficult now to visit others, go to activities they enjoy, or keep doctors’ appointments without your help and guidance.

Generally, if the facility provides vans and buses to transport their members they must also take responsibility for their safety. In the event of an accident where injuries are always a possibility, especially among the elderly, you will need to have CCRC Commercial Insurance that includes business auto coverage for those field trips.



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